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:star: UPDATE!!! :star:
Cigarette has now moved! hahaha I was in blatant violation of the site's music policies...OOPS! ^^; So if you want to see Cigarette, you'll now have to see it HERE!!!!!!.......

:star::star::star: [link] :star::star::star:

I'm really sorry about the mess and hopefully this will work lol. Thanks to everyone who left nice comments and faved it though! Much :heart: to all viewers! :D


This is a little music video I did for the Ben Folds Five classic "Cigarette". I submitted it to a while back and figured I may as well put it up here. The loading screen is just static, so give it a second as it's rather big...but it'll load up, trust me haha. Anyway, ENJOY!

"Fred Jones was worn out from caring for his often
Screaming and crying wife during the day, but
He couldn't sleep at night for fear that she,
In a stupor from the drugs that didn't ease the pain,
Would send the house ablaze
With a cigarette."
-Ben Folds Five
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BoltDisney101 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2013  Student General Artist
What do you use to animate?
DickFigures0222 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012
After pressing the link I shall now play Happy Wheels.
SomeGirl14 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i think this is amazing! plus i just love ur style! <3 keep up the great work!
ironmiyako Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2011
this is amazing!!!
so lovely animated, such effort, really, you have patience :] climat colors lovely!
Scubacat17 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2010
This was really well done! I enjoyed it sooooo much! Keep up the great work for you are a great artist!
Tarrigan Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2010  Student General Artist
this is an AMAZING piece of animation to go with a wonderful wonderful song. this must have taken you ages! i love his expression when he finds her on the sofa, just the small changes in his face. and the fridge pictures turning to doctors appointments is a really clever idea! you are extremely talented.
MagnificentMark Featured By Owner May 13, 2009
so beautiful.
i nearly cried.
mirror--opposite Featured By Owner May 6, 2009  Student
sad, but very nice. pretty.
A-Bad-Driver Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2009
This is incredible. The animation...the mood...the story...everything! I NEED MOAR OF THIS.
A-Bad-Driver Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2009
This is incredible. The animation...the mood...the story...everything! I NEED MOAR OF THIS.
Dojang Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2009
hey, that's some really awesome work. nice runs, but the real eye-opener for me is when he knocks his head against the wall, and the way his expression changes there.

a beautiful peice, thanks for sharing it.
LyricLairic Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2009
Oh man, I love this song.

Awesome animation. You captured the emotion of the poor guy so perfectly. Beautiful work. (:
Rainbow-Peaches Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2008
The animation was beautifully done.
InvaderXJaden Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2008
i adore your flash. its so beautiful and gives me chills
LindaLisa Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2008  Professional General Artist
This is just amazing wow! What a wonderful animation...I wish you could get the written permission to use the song :( It is so wonderful of an animation sweety *^_^*
JutaWi Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
WOW! Superb animation! I love the moment, when this man found the woman and... AWWWW so cuteh!
iDOtheDEW Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2007   Photographer
wow, its not very often you see a flash animation with such attention to detail and an actual story, beautiful. It makes me want to bust out my old actionscripting hands and give a go at some animation. Thanks for this, I loved it.
xsteadyxboysx Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2007   Photographer
I absolutely love this. Great animation...gorgeous!
Naniel Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2007
I remember watching this animation a long time ago, and altogether, it really struck in my mind. You did a wonderful job on it, the details in all of the backgrounds, and you can really feel his panic as he searches around the house for her. Wonderful choice of music too. Great job. :)
Uiestel Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2007
I love the style on this one!
JWiesner Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2007  Professional
Oh, man. I'm impressed. Respect. :)
Akita-or-Aki Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2007
great animation, I love your style and how you synchronized it with music. A true masterpiece :) and thanks to you I found a great song :) pity it's so short
elanitakira Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2007
Truly a masterpiece *cries*
VoodooRew Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2006
I think this one is my favorite. o_o ::favorites:: I really like what you did here. Perfect with the lyrics...Great job.
abart Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2006
here i lik ethe backgrounds and beautiful light affects , u also did great job in camera moves :+fav:
gold-devine Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2006
wow.....soo....idk, man its seems so deep to me. what a great pice, man.
katzai Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2006
love it :)
both the pictures, the animation, the mood and all !
Sharsarannon Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2006  Professional General Artist
I wish I had something more articulate to say, like about the simulated focus on the objects in fore middle and background being a great touch...and stuff...and the expressions...
spaztron Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2006  Hobbyist Artist
Wonderful, beautiful :) Very sad, poignant. Nice facial expressions :+fav:
JamesDalby Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2006  Professional Filmographer
Your work makes you look like the kind of person who studied at Gobelins animation school! [link]
SpiffyBug Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2006
I'm a fan of Ben Folds. His music is often so poignant, and you've done a wonderful job of capturing that. :)
reina Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2006
saw this a long time ago browsing through ng and to finally find it here, oh man. its awesome. the detail put into this is amazing. did you draw it all in flash or was some photoshop'd? becuase i honestly cant tell sometimes. +fav.
waltzy Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2006  Professional Artist
stunning, absoultley stunning

+ fav
RosalYn-MiAkie Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2006
oy! you had me atthe brink of tears!
tyokio Featured By Owner May 28, 2006
wow that was incredible!, the animation was superb and the backgrounds where very detailed. Though i kinda feel that the (gifs/png's) didnt really tween well enough, but I know very well that it isnt easy to stop that. You deserve a well earnt rest now.
a2d Featured By Owner May 12, 2006   Digital Artist
this sure is an old deviation, but it was so good i had to comment.

wow. during the part when he wakes up and searches the house, i didn't know what to think. it really gave out a heart-racing feel.

Kazyl Featured By Owner May 6, 2006  Student Traditional Artist
Goodness... That got me somewhat emotional.
radioblur Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
nearly cried. Wodnerful video for a wonderful song. Have watched the video like a THOUSAND times in the last hour, and i must say i love the scene where he sees the pills on the floor, the scene where he's runnign down the hallway, and the scene where he lans on the door frame the best. Everything about this movie is awesome, and I can nto help but +fav it. <3
AnnaBramble Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2006  Professional General Artist
NeSsS Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2006
chevvy Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2006
simply fantastic..
and a great song too!!
Paira Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2006
This is so beautiful! Everything just flows with the music.
CoinToss Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2006
Very beautifull. I love your art.
The song is kinda funny if you read the lyrics..
but I have a sick humor.. XD
I understand how deep it is toos...
Very wonderfull
-steals it and leaves an egg roll behind-
KeitoMan Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2006
very good man O___O
ellizjum Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
great animation ^^
GRANTAR111 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2006
thats awesome! I love the detail on everything, the fridge and shadows. Great work, this is awesome!
2bPencil Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2006  Student Artist
Holy flying pumpkins Batman...
Normally when I'm going through someones gallery, I restrict myself to only commenting on one picture, or else I'll sound repetitive and creepy...
But I had to comment on how absolutely wonderful this song is, and, is there more to this song because its just so beautiful...?
RubbaNinja Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2006
Man I love this one. Really really smooth.
Krapmaster Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2006
the highest quality flash animation I've ever seen. Ever.
NarutoItachiSasuke Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2006
Pretty professional there, you should be proud man. I mean woah, this is top notch, its emotional too, keep up the good work!
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